Trendy Bathroom Cabinets – The Easy Way


Modern bathrooms make sure there is plenty of space available without diminishing bathroom space. Bathroom cabinets are essential for storage and organisation of various items in bathrooms. It also helps to avoiding the visibility of piping and tubing of bathroom sink. It usually consists of cabins and drawers and sometimes a mirror space is also attached to it. It depends on the bathroom size to include the number of drawers. As if it is small bathroom, there will be space for single cabin. If it is a large bathroom, may be you can convert one single wall of bathroom to space of cabins. If you are planning to build new bathroom or modify old bathroom,first attention to be given to bathroom cabinets because this will be determining the amount of space taken by each item fixed in bathroom. If you are planning to shop materials by your own, make sure you will not be cheated as there are ample amount of deigns available in market and hundreds of material available which are of low price and cheap quality. It may mimic high quality items and these are less durable, low quality as well.

Bathroom cabinets are usually built in or free-floating type .built in types is usually done for new bathrooms and smaller ones .because it is less space consuming. Face frame bathroom cabinets, as the name says consist of a frame made from plywood or particle board cabinet box .it gives rigidity and strong base for hinges. Here, standard hinges are partially visible .face frame cabinets narrows the opening of cabinets.

Frameless bathroom cabinets are often western style .these are edged with single laminate binding. These are often wall mounted with hidden hinges .another type is the freestanding model which looks like a piece of furniture. These are given legs which makes it different from conventional free-floating cabinets .there are different ways in which we can make our bathroom more stylish .bathroom cabins place an important role in this . It should be designed in such a way that it should not look crowded.

Choosing material is another important thing .you can use wood materials in bathroom .it often gives Japanese look to your bathroom. You can use water friendly polishes to the material .it gives more durability to your bathroom .double vanities have also become popular .so you can use the lower part and convert it into small cabins to put towels or other toiletries. Make sure you are able to hide these items which increases more look to your bathroom.

Material to be used includes plywood, medium density fibreboard or particlewood.plywood is more durable and water resistant .solid wood cabinets often give elegant royal look to the bathroom. But durability is questionable when compared to other items. Humidity can destroy material. So make sure your bathroom is well ventilated .medium density fibreboard is actually cost effective, more resistant to moisture, hence widely used in market. Make sure you buy best material for your cabins.

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