Shower Doors – The Latest Advances


To improve the bathing experiences in all possible ways, we have lot of development happening in bathroom. It includes world class bathroom vanity, floating sinks and other sanitary wares, attractive bathtubs and separate shower cabins. Separate shower cabins are usually achieved by attractive shower doors which are usually transparent glass doors. We usually take shower doors granted. Usually we don’t give much attention to how the shower doors are designed and the ample amount of designs is available in market. usually they are not aware of how new trends in bathroom and incorporating it , is going to influence the entire way it is designed and it is going to influence the entire bathroom decor.

Modern bathroom shower doors are usually made up of scratch resistant materials like laminated glass or laminated tempered glass. Safety glass is transparent vinyl sandwiched between two sheets of transparent glass. The advantage is that even though the glass is broken, the panel may remain intact. Type of material to be used for bathroom shower doors has also evolved over the time. The materials which were used before for being excellent are now considered dangerous and no longer used. Earlier, annealed glasses were used. If it was broken, being sharp it causes severe injuries. Now, mostly tempered glasses are used. It is more durable as compared to annealed glasses. Another advantage about tempered glasses is that if it breaks it disintegrates into small chunks which will cause fewer injuries as compared to annealed glasses. Tempered glass doors are available in different types: clear, ultra clear, acid etched, patterned, tinted, cast glass. Clear tempered glass is most popular option available. Ultra clear one has low iron content thus reducing greenish tinge. Acid etched is frosty appearing due to application of acid .tinted with subtle color.

Frameless glasses are also available in market which is cluttering free and classy looking. These are available in different sizes and patterns, separates wet and dry areas easy to clean, made up of toughened safety glasses and high quality hinges. It also assures warranty. The different types of glass doors include bypass doors or sliding doors which require least amount of space. Two glass panels slide each other at top and bottom in sliding doors these are popularly used for corner shower spaces. Another type is swing open doors or pivot doors which has typical door like opening for shower areas for smaller areas than for sliding doors can accommodate. Another is round doors which open inwards, it will increase bathroom space .another classification is whether it is framed or frameless. Framed ones are made up of aluminium or composite materials .this has a track which collects water and requires regular cleaning .fameless ones are more popular and these are easy to clean and are usually used in sleek contemporary bathrooms they are ideal for small bathrooms .

Ensuring material and design is also important as important is choosing design and size of shower doors used .frosted glasses also give a different texture and look to it. Rain shower glasses give rough look on one side and smooth on other side. It also gives privacy and hide fingerprints and watermarks as well. So make sure, you buy the best shower glasses for your bathrooms.

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