Master Bathroom Remodel – Must Haves


You already purchased your shower, your toilet and your sink. You have also selected your tile work. Technically, this means you have finished selecting all the components for your bathroom. But with your bathroom, especially a master bathroom, there are a lot of other things, that you might want to consider. These minute details make sure that the bathroom is as unique as you are. At Old Bay Remodeling, we know kitchens and bathrooms. We will help you find the details to transform your master bathroom into a unique masterpiece.

Get that fresh look by getting a new bathroom specifically designed and built for exactly what you need. Your home will feel like a gateway and an awesome experience. Here are a few elements that will enable you to do just that.

Pick a Unique Double Sink for your Bathroom

Maybe it seems obvious, but a double sink is the best bit for a large master bathroom remodeling project. Surprisingly, there are many bathroom contractors and designers who use a single sink for the big bathroom, making it look small and vulnerable to another remodeling project. Make the vanity sink and space for countertop, you need now and reach for the bathroom vanity with two sinks. You and your partner or kids will be able to use the same sink without getting in the way of each other.

You Master Bathroom needs a Nice and Roomy Shower

Keeping the same theme of maximizing space with your double sinks, you will also need space in your bathroom shower. The master bathroom shower will be a happy getaway space that you will be using on a daily basis, so why be cramped in that small space. Give yourself more space and choose a bigger shower. You may also want to select a seamless shower – Here you will not need a shower door or curtains, the shower will gently slope to the drain and will look seamless. This method is also known as curbless shower – Talk to your designer about this and find out if it is a good fit.

Your Master Bathroom needs Decent Counter Space

The vanity top of your sink is the areas of the bathroom that takes the beating from your day to day routine and clutter. The hairdresser rests here, the toothbrushes sits here, makeup will fall down and will be wiped clean, hair products will be placed here and much more. This is the working space of your bathroom and you need enough working space on your Sink top. Always pick a heavy duty easy to clea sink top – examples are granite or engineered quartz. These will be easy to clean, and will give a unique look for you master bathroom.

Any Master Bathroom need Proper Ventilation

This should have been the first one on the list. Although you might not see the design aspect of this with your eyes, you will fell the difference when the master bathroom is ventilated properly. SO when you give a total make over to your master bathroom, make sure you have good ventilation design. If you don’t, you will feel yourself getting steamed slowly from the ventilation issues.

If the closet is right next to you bathroom, you may also notice moisture escaping and accumulating in your closet and end up damaging the clothes and shoes. In extreme cases, improper ventilation can also cause Mold growth and health hazards for you and your family.

Any Master Bathroom needs The Right Lighting

You might have designed your bathroom with all the necessary items, but if the lighting is poor, you will still end up with an unpleasant bathroom. For any master bathroom remodeling to be complete, it needs adding proper lights with the right brightness and designs. They are not only functional but adds to the aesthetic values as well. You will need the service of an electrician to renovate the bathroom lighting. The major lighting fixtures include ceiling fixtures, lights above the mirrors, ambient lighting in bathrooms etc.

Your Master Bathroom might need a Powerful Heating System

No one likes the idea of waiting in the shower for your water to get hot, while you are still freezing under the cold water. Think about a tankless water heater or replacement of your water heating systems. This will allow you to have effortless hot water running as quickly as you need in your master bathroom. Consider heating flooring additions, heated towel racks and other multiple methods.

Access to Linen Closet in Master Bathroom

If you have enough space in your master bathroom to add a linen closet, we recommend going for it. This is one update that is going to make a night and day change to your master bathroom in terms of continence. Think about being quickly able to grab towels a few feet from your shower. You will be able to say warm without a long walk across the room to get your towel. If you have limited space, adding a small storage area below your bathroom sink or some cabinets on the side might still work as well.

Bonus Point: A Tub for your Master Bathroom

We don’t consider having a tub in your bathroom a necessity, but if you have space and the budget, go for it. When you have the luxury of having a bathtub, always go for it. When you are doing your master bathroom remodel, a tub – especially a free-standing tub can make a huge difference in the looks. This will you give your master bathroom that luxurious fell that you always wanted and bring the entire space together.

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