Debunking Some Remodeling Myths


When you are planning your remodeling project, you know what to expect. So many ideas, design decisions, part and
fixtures to choose from etc. You will be getting a lot of info from a lot of places – including your friends and
family, magazines, articles, online and from your decision consultants. We are pretty sure you are hearing stories
from everywhere about their remodeling projects.

Today – We are going to differentiate the remodeling myths from reality.

Myth : You can DIY the Entire Project as seen on TV!

We all have seen those tv shows or YouTube channels advertising you can easily do the entire kitchen yourself (Only
After your Buy their product). Although it seems wonderful and good for the pocket sort of idea, a bathroom remodeling
or kitchen remodeling project from the start to finish is not a DIY. You might be able to do some of the tasks as DIY,
but the electrical, plumbing, skilled trades etc – Always leave them to the experts.

Deciding to DIY the entire project drastically increases your risk. Very likely, you will be reaching a point in your
project where you realize that things are getting crazy. You might have had to redo a task a few times over to get it
right. You might still not be able to make that perfect cut or level the vanity accurately. You might have wasted more
costly materials that you wanted to. A good designer advice you to DIY what is possible and hire an expert for the
rest – helping you end up with a perfectly designed and executed bathroom or kitchen!

Myth: The Latest Trend is the way to go

The bright colored appliances are in trend again. DO you like a strawberry color themed cabinet for your kitchen. Or
how about that pop start who rose to immediate fame – Redo the bathroom in that theme? The one thing you must remember
is – Trends come and go. Class remains forever. Your New kitchen is going to stay with you for more than a decade. The
trends might change every 6 months. So if you overly customize your bathroom to a trendy idea, you might be stuck with
it until you redo your kitchen or bathroom years later.

While some bold trends can be easily overcome (Take painting for example), some costly mistakes might happen very
easily. If you are a persom who plays it conservatively or safe, we recommend keeping the major elements functional
and traditional. You can also go transitional to give it a better look by mixing some functionality of the traditional
style adding some twists of the latest trend. Keeping it conservative will also help you sell the place easier when it
comes to that.

Myth: Bigger and Costlier is always Better

Maybe the TV shows and Ads have filled your head with ideas that bigger and costlier things are always better. While
it might be true that having a bigger area and costlier appliances or cabinets is better, you can still achieve a lot
without breaking the bank. Especially with some key components in your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling, you will save
hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Work with the space you have. If you have a bigger bathroom, go for it. But there are innovative design ideas to make
even the smallest bathrooms and kitchens work in your favor -Both functionally and aesthetically. Talk to a designer
from Old Bay Remodeling and we will be able to help you with how to plan and design your bathrooms and kitchens.

Myth: We Will Figure It Out as We Go

If a designer or contractor feeds you this story, run the other way. You never plan a bathroom as you go. You always
design and put everything in paper before picking up a hammer. Bathrooms and Kitchens are the biggest projects –
specifically because you have plumbing, electrical, tile work, cabinets and other things involved.

Changes can happen – That is different. But never dive in without a plan. If you decide to put your sink in a
different spot than previously decided, that is okay. But never finish your plumbing and then understand that the
vanity will not fit or you don’t have enough space for the toilet. You will save a lot of time and money by planning
in advance.

Myth: Your Contractor is Ready to Start Tomorrow

Again – TV shows and YouTube channels have put this idea into the heads of millions of people. Once you have set up
an appointment, do not expect the remodeling company to start work the next day. And if some contractor says that, he
probably has no clue what he is doing. Design takes time, gathering materials takes time, scheduling the right crews
in a sequential order takes time.

You meet with the designer. There will be multiple back and forth before finalizing your design. Unless you are using
off the shelf materials in Home Depot, you will need to order materials, taking up at least 5-10 business days. In
Parallel the best remodeling contractors will schedule crews and put them on schedule to start your job. Once the
crews have started, Old Bay Remodeling usually finishes normal bathroom in 2 weeks or less. Very complicated bathrooms
might take 3 weeks.

Myth: A Remodeling Project will Break the Bank

This is the most important one. Your financial future is not doomed if you undertake a bathroom remodeling project.
Start by having a strict budget for yourself. Work with this budget and you will be able to achieve awesome results!
The trick is to find the best solution within your budget. We can always help you with that. You also have attractive
financing options available from different sources to help with your project. Most of the experienced contractors will
be having an inhouse lending platform to help you with the remodeling funding.

Talk to our customer service at +1(240)581-2680 and we will get you in touch with the best funding programs for your
bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. We have partners offering as low as 3.99% APR for your project. Also talk to
Old Bay Remodeling about bathroom remodeling at $99/month.

Bonus Myth: Cheap is Not The Way to Go

We discussed on another myth that buying the costliest fixtures and materials might not be the best idea. But we can
be surer that cheapest materials are not going to serve you in the long run. Even cheap contractors might not be the
best ones. Always find a contractor that is reasonably priced and offers better quality.

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