Bathroom Tile – Hot New Ideas

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The color and styling of bathroom is almost dependent on how the bathroom tile looks like because tiles cover most of the area of bathroom. First thing coming to your mind when planning to rebuild or modify bathroom is white or some light colored tiles so that the brightness will be enhanced. Considering the current […]

How to choose Tile Patterns

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There are numerous choices when you decide to explore tile patterns. Be it for your bathroom, kitchen, backslash or just ornamental purposes there are numerous choice to choose from. A large part of designing your kitchen or bathroom to give it a unique and bold look is to select a unique tile design. Apart from […]

Bathroom Design Ideas – Make a List

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Which part of your home is your favorite??? Most of us, it will be our bathrooms. We think Most of us are spending lot of time in bathroom. Its bathroom revolution going on .Everyone is trying to bring out innovative ideas to bathroom ideas. Now even bathroom looks like another bed room or living room. […]

Shower Doors – The Latest Advances

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To improve the bathing experiences in all possible ways, we have lot of development happening in bathroom. It includes world class bathroom vanity, floating sinks and other sanitary wares, attractive bathtubs and separate shower cabins. Separate shower cabins are usually achieved by attractive shower doors which are usually transparent glass doors. We usually take shower […]

Trendy Bathroom Cabinets – The Easy Way

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Modern bathrooms make sure there is plenty of space available without diminishing bathroom space. Bathroom cabinets are essential for storage and organisation of various items in bathrooms. It also helps to avoiding the visibility of piping and tubing of bathroom sink. It usually consists of cabins and drawers and sometimes a mirror space is also […]
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