Bathroom Rugs – The New Addition

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Bathroom rugs are mats or sheets usually laid in front of shower or bath tub which prevents from skidding. These are water absorbents and thus, it appear fluffier. These are usually meant for luxurious bathrooms and bathrooms of guest room. To differentiate between bath mats and bath rugs, bath mats are absorb able, non skid […]

Bathroom Decor – How to Rock you Bathroom

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Modern design ideas of bathrooms not just includes bathroom vanity, sanitary wares, bathtub and shower area, there comes an important feature called bathroom decor. It is nothing but beautifying bathroom other than our utility. Since a majority of us spend most of our time in bathroom so it deserves some more decorations as well .fresh […]

Bathroom Light Fixtures – The Hot Trends

Choosing each element in bathroom is very important because a wrong choice with one component can destroy the beauty of the entire bathroom. Selection of all elements of bathroom is often complemented by a perfect lighting setup. Our unique taste in these things can cause so much difference in bathroom lighting. Bathroom light fixtures come […]
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