Bathroom Mirrors – What most people Don’t Know

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Bathroom is the place where we are trying to explore our real talents .just kidding! most of us try to see ourselves in front of mirror and will be singing or dancing .whatever be the talents , it will be appreciated by bathroom mirrors most of the time. These day’s even bathroom mirrors have a […]

Master Bathroom Remodel – Must Haves

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You already purchased your shower, your toilet and your sink. You have also selected your tile work. Technically, this means you have finished selecting all the components for your bathroom. But with your bathroom, especially a master bathroom, there are a lot of other things, that you might want to consider. These minute details make […]

Shower Doors – The Latest Advances

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To improve the bathing experiences in all possible ways, we have lot of development happening in bathroom. It includes world class bathroom vanity, floating sinks and other sanitary wares, attractive bathtubs and separate shower cabins. Separate shower cabins are usually achieved by attractive shower doors which are usually transparent glass doors. We usually take shower […]

Trendy Bathroom Cabinets – The Easy Way

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Modern bathrooms make sure there is plenty of space available without diminishing bathroom space. Bathroom cabinets are essential for storage and organisation of various items in bathrooms. It also helps to avoiding the visibility of piping and tubing of bathroom sink. It usually consists of cabins and drawers and sometimes a mirror space is also […]

Before Listing Your Home Checklist

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Preparing your Home for Sale 1. EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOME Make your Curb Appeal Perfect – Keep your lawn in great shape, water plants, trim edges etc. Touch Up Paint on Doors, Windows, Fascia etc. The Front Door gives your home the first impression. Hire a Licensed Handyman – If your buyers notice DIY, they […]
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