Bathroom Design Ideas – Make a List

Posted by  on 16-06-2021

Which part of your home is your favorite??? Most of us, it will be our bathrooms. We think Most of us are spending lot of time in bathroom. Its bathroom revolution going on .Everyone is trying to bring out innovative ideas to bathroom ideas. Now even bathroom looks like another bed room or living room. Even during the 90s, bathroom was just an area to make ourselves clean and to maintain hygiene .but now it has turned to place where we enjoy most of the time . Now, we all are tired of our narrow, small and shabby broken bathrooms.

Now it is ranging from small bathroom designs consisting of bathtub, bathroom vanity, sanitary ware to large bathrooms which has got creative designs like converting to forest theme, water park theme etc. Latest bathroom design ideas are really innovative and fresh ideas. Actually, minimalist designs are the new trend .To gets more storage with minimal storage facilities visually, that should be the new trend.

Large cabin spaces are gone now a days .In bathrooms, we have small things for storage, thus large cabins can cause loss of space and result in insufficient use of space .thus small cabin areas helps in sufficient use of space .We have to see that there is proper storage facility but bathroom look spacious and simple and should not be messy.

A small bathroom with perfect furnishing is always better than large bathrooms with messy finishing which won’t look attractive. Separate showering area is important .it must be even separated from tub area and toilet components .it prevents floor from being wet always. Make sure bathroom lighting must be perfect.

Floating style toilet equipment is one of the new trends in bathroom design ideas. Everything should appear floating .this helps in cleaning more effectively and bathroom looks more spacious as we will be analyzing size of bathroom based on floor size .even dark theme is also entering trend now a days .it helps bathroom looks small, simpler but more effective utilization of space. Even large mirrors instead of bare walls also help to increase the space and give more lighting.

Walls should be painted white. It looks more spacious. But u should not prevent yourself from adding vibrant tiles; small micro gardens in your small space .it will add elegance to your space. You can also put related small wall paintings which are cheaper water friendly paintings which can modernize your bathroom .it can take your bathroom design idea to next level.

When it comes to designing bathroom, ideas are just uncountable .effect of bathroom has an overall effect to your home. You can keep it classic from black and white theme to colorful statement wall paper which can take your bathroom to next level. Bathroom design ideas can complement your dream bathroom to fulfilling your dream bath and dream bathroom.

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