Tips For an Easy Bathroom Remodeling Project

Posted by  on 16-06-2021
Yes! Finally, you have decided to pull the trigger to remodel your bathroom. First of all congrats! You have just decided to add a lot of value to your home and your lifestyle by committing to the remodel project that you have wanted for a long time. Let’s start by asking yourself – What color theme are we going to use? What bathroom lighting? What is your budget? Are you going to redo the format or keep the same format? Wow – That did escalate quickly. Bring on the stress!!! At Old Bay Remodeling, we know that a bathroom remodel project must be less stress and more awesomeness. This is why we will help you all the way. Our experienced designers will bring out the best possible design and materials choices, color themes and a lot more.

Cost Up Front Knowledge is a must have

The most stressful thing with a bathroom remodeling project is that the budget can be up in the air. The total project budget is going to swing widely when you make choices – especially the scope, design and products etc. Ironing out the exact budget for your bathroom remodel project will help to make everything much less stressful. You will be more prepared for what is about to come. The first things you should do is make a clear decision of what you will need. Write down the products that you will be using, the fixtures, the color themes etc. Measure out your bathroom – the size of the bathroom is a big deciding factor for the final cost. For a much easier alternative, ask one of Old Bay Remodeling’s experienced estimators and we will take the guess work out of the game for you.

Lighting is Everything

Ready for a Professional Tip? Layered lighting is the best lighting possible in your bathroom. Layered lighting means a combination for ambient lighting, accent lights, tasks lights and other decorative lighting. If you design and layer your lights properly, it will enhance the appearance and even the mood of the person using the bathroom. Lighting design is a very important part of Old Bay Remodeling’s Bathroom design efforts.

Your toilet should not be your centerpiece

Do not start with your toilet, when you are doing a bathroom remodel. All of us agree that the toilet is a very important functional part of your bathroom, but never start with a toilet as a focal point. To create vibe to your bathroom, create your focal point to be your shower, tub or even an art piece.

Sometimes, Forget It

When you work on an old bathroom, sometimes there might be a lot of concrete, wire lathe or some other decade old mechanisms. The cost to replace or demo them might add up quickly. This is the time to be wise and find a solution to work around these issues. The best option might be to leave them like they are and still come up with an awesome design. We understand that not everything needs to be brand new. Actually incorporating some old elements will give your bathroom a unique look and save you some good money at the end. Especially for a vintage look bathroom design, the older elements will add up quickly.

“Raise” the Stakes for What is Appropriate

Some bathrooms can be highly customized; however, most bathrooms are more of less the same dimension when it come sot the shower, bathtub, vanity placement and general layout and space considerations. If you know the exact dimensions and where the plumbing and electrical lines are places, you will be able to start your design process more efficiently. Take Comfort height sinks and toilet for example as an alternative to standard toilets and bathroom vanities. The Comfort height bathroom vanity will offer much more convenience and will make your daily tasks much simpler with a taller height. Discuss all these options with our designer and improve the usability of your space.

Splurge!! (With Caution)

While planning your bathroom remodeling, always have a little bit of extra cash available to get the updates that you will fall in love with. You might like a limited edition lighting fixture or a fancy tile design which is going to add an extra cost to your budget. So always have some extra budget so that you do not have to settle on things that you do not like. This does not mean you can buy what ever you like and throw the budget out the window. You still need to adhere to your budget which is really important, but if you really like that one things, we would recommend going for it.

Tiles Make the Difference

Tiles makes a huge difference. Tile patterns, quality and the workmanship of how they are laid makes a huge impact on the overall bathroom remodeling outcome. Measure your tiles at-least three times. You do not want to over order or under order. Tiles might be sold according to European measurement sometimes. So, keep that in mind. You should not end up in a surprise when you are mid-way through the project and find you ran out of tiles.

Venting is Important

One item that always tends to fly under the radar is all bathroom remodels is effective ventilation. Remember you are remodeling a wet room. You don’t need all the steam, water elements etc to stay and accumulate in the room causing mold and mildew. Mold is a serious problem and you don’t want mold in your home causing health issues to you and your loved ones. You might be able to create different types of venting – starting from a window to a silent powerful ducted venting system. Be sure to talk to the designer about venting.

Sometimes the Corner Works Out

Where would you put your sink. Have you decided where your bathroom sink needs to go? Is is very common especially in bathrooms with limits spaces to use a corner sink. This will reduce the space that you need and give a lot of space back to you for installing other accent items, maybe a bigger shower etc. Corner sinks helps you with the traffic flow and give you much more important cabinet space. At Old Bay Remodeling, we live and breathe bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Let this new year and decade bring a new bathroom or kitchen that you always wanted and dreamed of. Every day is a good day to contact us at (240)581-2680 or fill out a form here to get a Free Estimate. Our expert designers and estimators will get in touch with you within 24 hrs, giving you the best possible design at the best possible price. We will get this done together. Take a look at our Before and After Pictures if you need references
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