Bathroom Decor – How to Rock your Bathroom

Posted by  on 16-06-2021

Modern design ideas of bathrooms not just includes bathroom vanity, sanitary wares, bathtub and shower area, there comes an important feature called bathroom decor. It is nothing but beautifying bathroom other than our utility. Since a majority of us spend most of our time in bathroom so it deserves some more decorations as well .fresh houseplants, stylish storage areas are some of the few designing areas. These features not just add beauty to the bathroom but also give as a refreshing bath as well. Even some flashy tile designs and attractive wallpapers also contribute to it. Always you have to keep this point in mind that you have to hide storage outfits undercover which are meant for utilization but try to showcase decorative items .bathroom decor ideas also involve clean, bright walls usually painted white .it enhances the lighting of the bathroom and also showcase decorative items more. Even putting a small painting in bathroom add more vibe to bathroom.

As mentioned earlier, a touch of green plants add class and beauty to your bathroom. green leafy plants are often preferred over flowering plants. You can try orchids or asparagus or fiddle leaf fig for this purpose .this should be able thrive humidity. Make sure the bathroom is decorated with one or two potted plants and beware, don’t turn bathroom to garden .another one is bathtub shelf like putting a piece of wood across tub to one end to keep small vase .make sure your tub is large enough. You can keep wooden cabins with glass doors in bathroom to keep the necessary things in bathroom. Double curtains are also beautiful .mirrors with fancy frames is another way of increasing the beauty of bathroom. Lighting fixtures can also produce drama to your bathroom. Floral printing on wallpaper is another fresh idea. Irregularly shaped tiling like crazy pavement pattern on any single wall is another way of adding beauty to it. You can also provide marble designed wall which gives more royal look .metallic touch is another way of adding drama to bathroom.

Smart way organisation of different items in bathroom often adds beauty to bathroom .you can convert one entire wall to area for storage. Making sink area similar to trough style will give farmhouse effect. Even you can make asymmetry into new style. Even antique and rusty appearance is another way to create old royal looks to bathroom. you can try for odd color combinations .these are going to be the new trend in coming days .try to make an asymmetry in colors as well. Silver framed mirrors are also going to produce classy effect to it. Black and white theme is also giving an elegant look. You can also put climbing vines in the bathroom which also gives fresh look to bathroom. Even you can convert your shower area to natural spring appearance with a rock effect and pebbles laid at bottom, with green lush plants. There must be a balance between all the things you are trying to incorporate into your bathroom. Instead of making into crowd unpleasant bathroom, make it classy and elegant.

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