Unique Bathroom and Kitchen Design Trends for 2020!

Posted by  on 16-01-2020
New Year, New You!! Lets give it a little twist – New Year New Bathroom or New Kitchen. As you welcome the new decade, it is also the perfect time to bring some light into that bathroom remodeling project that you always been looking forward to. At Old Bay Remodeling, we think any day is a good day to start your remodeling project. How about that being today? The first day of the year? Whether you are just adding a little spice to your existing bathroom or redoing the entire bathroom, we can help you find the latest trends and the most functional bathroom remodeling ideas. This decade will be the decade of smart technologies, high end renovations and a lot of improved products. When you are planning a remodel project – big or small, All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at +1(240)581-2680 or submit a form online here to get a free estimate and design appointment.

The Backsplash is Climbing up to the ceiling

Gone are the days when backsplash used to be a simple solution to clean your greasy mess from the stove. In the last few years, backslash goes all the way around the countertop. Now, They are climbing up to the ceiling. And beautiful patterns too. Back splashes have awesome designs and patterns and is a work of art. This trend is going to continue for the next decade when innovative and unique patters are going to come out, better quality backspashes are going to line up in the market! Bolder designs incorporate colors to the backsplash and toned down designs may go with the white subway tiles.

Sinks are a Work of Art!

Its 2020!! Why would you use a sink from the past decade? Let’s start with a uniquely designed sink. You can purchase a sink that can be used to wash dishes and will also wash them for you. These are very water efficient and will only use 1.6 gallons. These sink dishwasher can be loaded and completed surprisingly quick and efficiently. Add in a water efficient, non-touch faucet. These faucets will start and stop water with the wave of your hand. Think about your hands being dirty from marinating that secret beef taco recipes. If you want to wash your hands, you don’t have to touch the faucet.

Cupboards with Larders

Surging in popularity is adding a room or huge cupboard that has very efficient storage. By efficient we mean doors that have multiple tiers of shelves and racks, adjustable drawers and much more. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen these will give you a big upgrade. Larders help your kitchen to be more streamlined by eliminating the space you need for smaller things.

Veined Marble Countertops

Add marble if you want to make anything look more elegant and classic. The surge for veined marble as countertops and even flooring options have surged heavily in the past few years and will continue to rise in the coming years. Compared to the traditional light patterns, the marbles slabs with heavier colors and designs are hitting the market lately and there is huge uptick in popularity for these marbles. Check out the possibility for polished marble on your kitchen or bathroom floors. This will be a huge impact on that renovation.

Mixed Metals

The last decade was when everyone tried to match up their fixtures. Brushed Nickel fixtures every where – even the salt and pepper dispenser! Or if you like chrome, every thing including the décor in the bathroom or kitchen will be chrome. Well, not anymore. This year, the designers are really mixing it up with metals – Nickel, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and anything else. The different metal mix and match can give your bathroom or kitchen a deep feeling of texture.

Wider Open Spaces

If you are limited in space when planning your kitchen or bathroom remodeling, it might be harder to get on with this trend. You might be able to knock off some walls to create more space. Check with a structural engineer or contact Old Bay Remodeling and let us do the dirty work. If you can, consider giving a more open, spacious and airy feel to your bathroom or kitchen. Let the bathroom or kitchen blend in seamlessly with other spaces like your family room or master bathroom. There are many tips and tricks to make your bathroom appear more spacious – like frames less shower doors. Check with an Old Bay Remodeling designer for more suggestions.

Double Wide Kitchen Islands

When you are thinking of incorporating more space into your kitchen renovation, consider double wide kitchen islands. This will add to your seamless design scene. Who does not like a airy, big kitchen with tons of room to prepping and staging food. Adding two kitchen cabinets back to back will give you much more room compared to a cabinet that goes against the wall. Add this touch of luxury and space.

Darker Appliances

Kitchen appliances are taking a turn towards the dark shades. Stainless Steel or white appliances used to be the trend of the last decade, but going into 2020, appliances are getting darker. Think black stainless steel for example – Ovens, Stoves, Refrigerator, all black stainless steel. Think about the class that will bring to your kitchen. We recommend buying all appliances as a package from the same brand. Black Stainless Steel might differ slightly in color and finish from another manufacturer. At Old Bay Remodeling, we live and breathe bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Let this new year and decade bring a new bathroom or kitchen that you always wanted and dreamed of. Every day is a good day to contact us at (240)581-2680 or fill out a form here to get a Free Estimate. Our expert designers and estimators will get in touch with you within 24 hrs, giving you the best possible design at the best possible price. We will get this done together. Take a look at our Before and After Pictures if you need references
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