Bathtub Trends


Coming home after a long tiring day and having a best bath in bath tub is one of the awesome ways of relief after a long stressful work. with the background of light music, having bath in warm water is one of the awesome ways of stress buster. It can calm our soul and body and bring peace to our entire body. So it is extremely important to choose bathtub of your choice . now a days, these are available in different shapes , sizes and figures. If you have a small bathroom,you can fit in small tubs of your choice by reducing the other unnecessary things within the bathroom. If you have a luxurious house with large bathroom , we can include shower area and other wide area . There are plenty of designs available in market .choosing material of bathtub is also extremely important. If you want scratch resistant bathtub, you can go for acrylic materials for bath tub. Ceramic bathtubs are long-lasting but heavy. Based on needs, we can combine the design and material of bath tub .you can explore variety of designs and recent trends in the market based on the needs and requirements of customers.

The expenditure spent on bath tubs solely depends on type, quality, material used and size as well .many of you will be having doubt regarding how can we fit bathtubs in small bathrooms. answer is also simple. You can use a basic model of bathtub on one corner of bathroom .if you want to put shower ,it can be kept on one side of tub. So that they can stand in the shower .you can also use shower curtain to separate shower bathtub combo from rest of the bathroom . ideal size of bathtub is 60*32 inches. Another doubt that arises is what all should be considered while purchasing bathtubs. It includes the size ,type,quality,material used and most important being the size of bathroom and your budget .

Usually bathtubs are placed alone or in conjunction with shower. Modern bathrooms have overflow and waste drains additionally which makes its utility more interesting .shape to be considered , mostly it is rectangular, but now circular and corner triangular ones are also available usually they are built in or it will be separate or it will be sunken. There are mainly two types: western type, where bather can lie down which shallower and long .another is eastern type, where bather sits up which is shorter but deeper. Usually the western type is preferred .there are different types of bathtubs like claw foot tubs ,which require more water than standard bathtubs ,pedestal tubs, hot tubs, free stand bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs, soft tubs .Typical bathroom can be very much deficient in space so as to fit in everything and it may land up like a jigsaw puzzle . So you should be carefully selecting bathtubs of your space.

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