Bathroom Tile – Hot New Ideas


The color and styling of bathroom is almost dependent on how the bathroom tile looks like because tiles cover most of the area of bathroom. First thing coming to your mind when planning to rebuild or modify bathroom is white or some light colored tiles so that the brightness will be enhanced. Considering the current era, there are plenty of designs available in market without compromising your personal styling of bathroom. Best choice of materials for your bathroom includes ceramic , porcelain ones. These are available in various shapes, sizes ,patterns .as far as considering the hygiene, you can go for anti-skid and germ free tiles can be used . You can also consider highlighter tiles mixed with normal ones. Anti-skid ones include ceramic, porcelain, marble, mosaic; limestone. Ceramic tiles are extremely durable and scratch free. You make sure you are buying the best for your bathroom. When you are considering some tile designs for your bathroom make sure, it is safe and hygienic. There comes the importance of anti skid and germ free tiles. It is not just available as square or rectangular piece, even you can go for hexagonal or asymmetric pieces for your bathroom which will add elegance to it.

To bring both traditional as well as modern look , you can go for timber looks .this can also used anywhere including bathroom, kitchen , rooms. This ‘wood‘ look has got its own advantages and disadvantages. It is considered as latest trends since past decades. ‘Wood ‘looks is just showing justice to the word, projecting the natural look but when it comes to material, it is not wood.there are also some myths associated with wood looks like regarding durability .the feeling that wood materials lack durability especially in moisture rich humid areas .timber look often provides physical look and not proper wood like material .thus it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens without any doubt. Another myth associated with wood like tile is its originality. It can even overpower natural look as well in that terms .another disadvantage is the floor cooling property. Natural wood material can sustain moderate temperature but not with timber like tiles. Another challenge is that these are appearing plank like, thus causing difficulty in installation.

Porcelain tiles often projects luxurious interior and enhance our sense of style .main advantage of porcelain material is that it is long lasting. It is best for bathroom tiles because it do not absorb water .thus preventing the floor from getting damaged .they are easy to clean and thus helps in maintaining hygiene. You can just mob the floor with water thus making water resistant and dust free.

When it comes to bathroom tiles, you cannot compromise both quality and beauty. This is the area most exposed to water, extreme heat or cold, remains wet most of the time. Thus you cannot take a low quality tile. You cannot compromise on price when it comes to bathroom .price of bathroom tiles are usually directly proportional to quality of tiles. install the tiles without compromising the maintenance costs. Bathroom tiles not just protect the walls ,it has beautifying properties and often enhancing the entire personal style in which the bathroom is designed to latest trends.

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