Bathroom Rugs – The New Addition


Bathroom rugs are mats or sheets usually laid in front of shower or bath tub which prevents from skidding. These are water absorbents and thus, it appear fluffier. These are usually meant for luxurious bathrooms and bathrooms of guest room. To differentiate between bath mats and bath rugs, bath mats are absorb able, non skid material. Bathroom rugs are usually fluffier. Thus functional purpose is met by bathroom mats and bathroom rugs are mainly for making bathroom fashionable. Both add comfort in their own way. Bath mats are usually meant to catch splashes from tub or shower and thus available in small size. Bathroom rugs as mentioned earlier, is meant for fashionable purpose and thus available in larger sizes. Material to be used in bathrooms also depends. Usually, it is cotton and moisture repellent nylon .these are more durable and long lasting. When you are choosing material for bathroom rugs, choose material which do not shed stain and staining the flooring of bathroom. Woolen material is better for bathroom rugs. You also have to keep the mat clean. Clean at least biweekly. Moisture is the main component which may cause destruction of bathroom materials. Always go for moisture free materials.

Bathroom rugs and mats are usually meant for enhancing the styling of bathroom .if the floor covering is going to be best, it is going to be more freshening. Bathroom rugs are going to keep bathroom dry and enhancing the overall look of showers, tub area, bathroom cabinets. Ivory or cream colored are preferred ones because it can compliment any style or any color. Bathroom rugs and mats should be kept clean and hygienic to keep it fresh and attractive. Machine washable ones are also available now so that it can be easy to wash and well maintained. Bamboo rayon materials have natural antibiotic effects preventing microbial growth. Plastic and vinyl is usually easy to clean and easily wiped off. Bathroom rugs are also meant to enhance the style of bathroom. So you have to be extremely careful while choosing color, material and size of the bathroom rug. You should have a basic idea about the thing you are going to buy before going for shopping bathroom rugs and bathroom mats. You will get bathroom rugs in all range of price. So you should not worry about the price at all.

Even design patterns also play major role in enhancing the style statement of bathroom. You can go for colorful patterns if bathroom enhances that kind of style. Check patterns are usually meant for minimalist designs of bathrooms. Hand knit bathroom rugs are available for a little extra. Black and white options is another way of exhibiting classy pattern. Calm colors can also produce a perfect pattern. So choose the best for you.

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