Bathroom Mirrors – What most people Don’t Know


Bathroom is the place where we are trying to explore our real talents .just kidding! most of us try to see ourselves in front of mirror and will be singing or dancing .whatever be the talents , it will be appreciated by bathroom mirrors most of the time. These day’s even bathroom mirrors have a role in determining the styling of bathrooms . Standard mirror size includes usually 36*30 inches. Width of the mirror usually depends on the shape of the mirror. Bathroom mirrors are one of the important elements in bathroom. As mentioned earlier, it is not just used to see our reflection but also increase the style statement of the bathroom. You will feel something missing in the bathroom without bathroom mirror .now a days bathroom mirrors are available in different shapes and size

First thing you have to consider the space where you are going to put the mirror .it ranges from a small mirror to the size occupying the entire wall of the bathroom. It also depends on the style of bathroom .there are different types of bathrooms available in market .there are different types of mirror available in market. Let us check out it. First one being one of the basic types, framed mirrors. Frames come in different patterns from simple to gaudy patterns. This helps in maximizing the type to some extent.

Next one being lighted mirrors , theses are built in lights with it .These are perfect for a contemporary bathroom .if there are additional lights in bathroom ,it may enhance the reflection better and looks more like stars . another type is vanity mirrors ,which are usually present in addition to main mirror .these are usually double sided with magnifying mirror on one side .another one is medicine cabinet mirrors , these are multi functional ,having minimal storage space for essential stuff in bathroom which should be easily accessible .these are also basic models .

Another type is ledge mirrors or shadow boxes with built in ledges .it is an excellent choice if there insufficient cabinets in bathroom. Next being, venetian mirrors that have beautiful designs on glasses which act as a frame by itself .this often gives a feminine look to the bathroom.another basic type is frameless mirrors which often gives minimalistic look to the bathroom and if you want to highlight other things in the bathroom more ,you can definitely go for this .another type is pivot mirrors which are mounted on wall on two points so that mirror can be tilted .it is almost similar to framed mirrors with only difference in the way it is hanged . another type is extension mirror, which are supported with accordion mount .these are mirror of choice for cramped bathrooms .another basic type is captain mirror , where it is hung from the wall with a strap .so make sure you will be choosing the best for your bathroom which will be even reflecting your personality .

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