Bathroom Light Fixtures – The Hot Trends


Choosing each element in bathroom is very important because a wrong choice with one component can destroy the beauty of the entire bathroom. Selection of all elements of bathroom is often complemented by a perfect lighting setup. Our unique taste in these things can cause so much difference in bathroom lighting. Bathroom light fixtures come in different sizes, shapes, styles. This includes vanity lights, bath sconces and bathroom ceiling lights etc. Bathroom vanity lighting as it provides lighting near the sink area. Bath sconces are wall mounted usually on the sides of mirrors. Bathroom ceiling lights provide extra illumination. count ranges from 1 to 6 depending on size of bathroom. Ideally bathroom light fixtures also changes with change in mood of people. For example, during morning hours, you will be busy to go to office .so you don’t even care how the bathroom lighting is. But when it comes to evening to evening, it is a place of relaxation. So perfect lighting is important.

There are different types of bathroom light fixtures available in market. Coming to ceiling lights, which usually fulfills general lighting. mostly recessed or ceiling mounted ones are used for the purpose. You should be clear about the balance to be maintained in perfect lighting. Otherwise it may result in too much glare or brightness. Try to be moderate even in lighting. You need not show the amount of money you have as lighting in bathroom making it flashy and even unpleasant to look. It should also be balanced with the room from which the bathroom is opening because it will result in visually unpleasant feeling. Lighting in bathroom should be balanced at different layers because this is the place where different areas within it are meant for different things. So, bathroom light fixtures should be matching at all levels. But it is always up to the customer to choose single piece or more is required. We can always give some suggestions added to your ideas.

Pendant lights, also known as drop lights are those which are mounted to ceiling and hanging from a narrow support like a metal rod or chain. It resembles pendants hanging from the neck chain and hence the name. These are usually used in dining halls and kitchens but also in bathrooms with heights. These fixtures are available in different shapes. These are usually meant for general lighting to spread warm light in entire bathroom. Modern day pendant lights are also available as fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

Wall sconces are fixed on walls, usually come as part of vanity piece. They only have wall support and no ground support now sconces are available in sleek and fancy designs. This is also used in kitchens, porches, bedrooms, but most people prefer it for bathrooms. While choosing bathroom sconces, you should consider bathroom and mirror size as well. One of the most common sconces is flush mounted wall washer or half moon. It is small and perfectly compact. You have to be careful while choosing bathroom light fixtures because lighting is often considered last and usually bathroom ends up in different way.

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